todays mailbox

missed the show, ordered this from the label. fuckyes.

Northern soul…

Missed the Japandroids show AGAIN last week, this is like the 7th show Ive not made which is incredibly stupid. So the next day I slogged over to their online store and bought everything they had, in sort of like “eating through your emotions” kind of catharsis. My merch should be here this week. Im mildly excited to be buying albums again…and again: its cathartic.

A northern soul in southern lands
will always find his way to southern hands
so kiss away your gypsy fears
and turn those restless nights to restless years..

time….infernal time

If I had the time, I could and I damn would.
Always dreamed of giving something like this to a kid who, like myself at his age, desperately just needed that: a goal, a project, a tangible thing directed by a capable tangible being, something to do with himself other than the same shit everyone else his age was doing. Time is my greatest enemy. I simply don’t have enough.
This is what it means to give back, this shit counts.

When am I just going to throw my hat in the ring and JUMP already.

working away…..listen along. Last half is killer..

good morning…



shit its good to be back.



i get so pissed off at the vendors that I end up giving shit away because its the only thing I can do to remember why I like what I do.
Im like the snake that eats itself: lose money because my vendors are jackoffs and then to compensate for wanting to murder them for fucking me over on time, I give away the house to my friends.
Wheres the balance between running a successful business that people want to return to and telling someone to fuck right off while having the agates to back up what you say.
When this thing of mine begins to take on big water because I cant get a supplier to pull his head out of his ass Im going to start throwing major punches and calling ‘em out in public. Rome will burn, believe you me.
Im a nice guy to work with but for fucks sake I know what I want, how I want it and MOST FUCKING IMPORTANTLY WHEN I want it. And I don’t give two fucks paying extra for anything if/when the service matches the product. Hundreds or thousands of dollars doesn’t matter: when I move you sure as fuck better move with me, if you cant then tell me what you can do anyways and I will respect your honesty and likely still give you my account.
Time is the single most valuable currency I have and I am entrenched by thieves, cock-sucking thieves who don’t respect my time.

thats it, captains daybook entry. Fuck time sucking vendors, purveyors, suppliers, no reply emailers…..the list goes on…

Into my cups again…

The Captain used to have 2-3 smokes going on at his desk at once, my desk made me think of him this morning.


must see

Been years since I heard this song..

on the honeybee hustle..

hard work pays off....

5 minutes out of bed, wrong robe..

im a real gem in the morning

a Ballad, as done by The National


This song, for those familiar, is about Tywin Lannister’s smashing of House Reyne during the Reyne-Tarbeck Rebellion. It appears during many important points in the story and is referenced in the books.

good morning…

drunken sailor

up in smoke…

holiday S.P.I.T. (whitechapel)

risk vs reward

taking a huge risk, with huge stakes. If this fails, I am fucked.
I like the rush…I like knowing hard hard this will fail if I am wrong, I like knowing I made the jump and gave ‘er hell as best I could. No stone left un-turned, decisions like this remind you when its all over: you did the best damn job you could, you swung your hardest so you could be the best.
Right now, in real time: everything is on the line.

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.”
~Henry Ford

Good evening..

afternoon project

finished product

Summer evening build…

more of the classics..

Not yet wilderness approved….but close.